Dear Acrobatic Friends,
We would like to invite you for international competition in Acrobatic Gymnastics
Czech Republic Championships in Acrobatic Gymnastics 2022

INVITATION                                                         DEFINITIVE ENTRY
Organiser: Acrobatic Gymnastics Club TJ Bohemians Prague
Date: 26 th November 2022
Venue: Sports Hall TJ Bohemians, Prague 10, Slovenská 2


Friday, 25th November arrival of delegations (no training possibility)

Saturday, 26th November provisional schedule
8:30 warm up
9:30 judges meeting
10:00 Start of the competition
10:10 Youth (combined exercise)
12:30 Youth class results announcement
12:45 - 13:45 break
13:45 Age group 1st routine (balance/tempo)
15:00 Master class – 1st exercise (balance or tempo)
16:00 Age group– 2nd exercise (balance/tempo)
17:00 Master class – 2nd exercise (combined)
18:00 Age group, Master class results announcement
Sunday, 27th November departure of delegations

CATEGORIES:    Youth, Age Group 11 - 16, Master Class (all juniors and seniors together)

• age limit is maximum 15 years
• one combined exercise max. duration 2’30”
• evaluation: all pairs together and all groups together